Sunday, 19 October 2008

Robedoor - Grey Gates

Now, im not the biggest Robedoor fan, but out of their hundreds on releases there are some real gems. This short 3" release is pretty awesome, and although it has the same doom drone atmospherics, escapes their formula or quiet to deafening. Enjoy.. And i may post some more Robedoor later on!
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Fetch (Megaupload)

PS: I thought i might switch to megaupload, as speeds are generally faster than Mediafire.. What do you think?


Stranger said...

nooooooo keep it on mediafire & keep on keepin' on!

Jean-Paul Vetsuypens said...

Agreed. Mediafire is top notch (although somewhat slower than megaupload, free parallel downloads are possible)

monkeyfishrule said...

Hey, I'm Joseph/Weird Ribs
Heres a present for you, it's my new release Weird Ribs.
Inflences include Emeralds, Growing, pocahaunted, Cluster, Popol Vuh, Suicide, Brian Eno