Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Cloaven Cassettes Vol. 2

Im Back! Weekly updates will now resume :-)
Now to continue with the SCG series... Both of these gems are from 1987

Hatchet Rain
One of the better quality Cloaven Cassettes. Studio recorded, and full of great renditions of SCG classics, aswell as many other jamz.

Famous Asthma
Just enjoy this one.. Its pretty nuts.

PS; I would like to point you over to this location, where take-your-shoes-off have kindly posted (almost) all the recent Ferraro (of Skaters) CDRs!
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Icarus Hill Radio said...

Two I don't have. Sweet!
Glad your back, your posts are great.

Sandoz Lab Tech said...

Great stuff! Heard somewhere that you may be posting the Eddy Detroit 'Philospher's Journey' LP. Any chance of hearing this invisible gem? Keep up the great work.

left of the dial said...

take your shoes off fucking kills it all the time. also, good to see you posting again.

Cursed Rabbit said...

Much appreciated...more Cloaven cassettes when you get the chance!!