Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Eddy Detroit - Philosophers Journey

..Here it is.
As promised, is the unbelievably rare last album by Eddy Detroit. I would like to that 'thrillcode' for this awesome rip. If im going to be honest, i really wasnt impressed with this, and none of Eddys other albums live up to the awesomeness that is Immortal Gods. A shame, but definitely worth the listen and a massive collectors item. Enjoy.
Next week, more Cloaven Cassettes, i promise..
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ELOHIM said...

finaly! THANKS!!!

Eel O'Brian said...

Um, Eddie Detroit is still alive and very active musically in Phoenix, unfurling his genius. Some of my favorite stuff he has done includes his Caribbeanish album. No one makes me laugh like Eddie -- a worthy contemporary and comrade of his associates, the Sun CIty Girls.

FreeCT said...

thats news to me! is he still recording?

FM SHADES said...

Jungle Captive is pretty amazing man!

John said...

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Tom Cat said...

Thanks for this! I haven't heard this one! I love Eddy Detroit!