Thursday, 9 April 2009

Occult Activity On Campus - First Blood Vol. 1

Klitter klatter free-form improv ala Sun City Girls and early Davenport from James Jackson Toth and friends. Oh, and its produced by Clay Ruby. Sounds pretty good right?
Honestly I didnt think this was all that but i'm sure a bunch of you here will enjoy it. I can post Vol.2 upon request if anyone would like.

On another note, I'm broadcasting tonight! for the tune in link. Begins at 7pm GMT+0 (UK time), playing selections from the psychedelic underworld. Playlists posted as always on the blog shortly after the show.
Tune in, and let me know what you think!

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mrp said...

love it . . . please post vol. 2!

Roddus said...

24 Hours Of Throbbing Gristle now At

vrs1943 said...

Hey-How To?
Tutorials for your blog! Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easyshare...

Rafael said...

Now that Sun City Girls' name was mentioned, what about to restart to post the Cloaven Cassettes?

I'm searching like a madman these ones:

Def in Italy
Fruit of The Womb
Polite Deception
Cloaven Theatre #2
Cloaven Theatre #3
Audio Letter to Mitch Meyers
That Old Western Sieve
Graverobbing in the Future
Extra-Sensory Defection
The Great North American Tricksters

I hope you can save me.