Wednesday, 3 September 2008

K2 (James Ferraro) - Encino Man

This is the brand new release (that i literally picked up today) from James Ferraro's Skaters side project, K2. Its alot more instrumental and 'musical' than other projects, and slightly less droney, if you know what i mean. Either way, its awesome, and i recommend it to you all. Enjoy.
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PPS, This is in .wma, sorry! Easily convertible though. Atleast its not m4a, right?



Vol said...

good luck with the blog, will whatch this space whilst youre gone :)


Gonzo said...

this is amazing! thanks a lot man! keep posting killer shits! yay! :D

left of the dial said...

keep up the good work here brother/sister.

Serena said...


+ good vibes to infinity.

Auxiliary Out said...

Thanks man, I was going through some tough "new Ferraro material" withdrawals, and this just helped save my life.
Please, keep up the good work, I'm diggin' it.