Sunday, 17 August 2008

John Zorn - Impressions Of Africa

Before any requests come through, i thought id post this gem for the true fans of experimental music. A real rare live Zorn recording, a must for Zorn scholars! No artwork for this one but enjoy anyway.
Please note the file says [shn] but i have encoded it to MP3 for ease of listening.



Fred G. Sanford said...

not an mp 3 file.
or doesn't work.

Ochyming said...


@ Fred G. Sanford:

It is a .rar file, just add ar infront or the .r [the file].

Jean-Paul Vetsuypens said...

Thanks a lot. Completes (?) my Zorn CD collection. Just discovered your blog. Excellent. Highly appreciated. Keep the weirdo stuff alive!